Member Benefits


Through our Nationwide partners, College-Concierge has negotiated the lowest prices on SIM cards (without a contract), car purchasing and help selling, jewelry, transportation, movies and much more. We have also set up discounts on sporting events from the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball.

SIM Cards & Cell Phones

We offer monthly service on cell phones as low as $19 per month, with unlimited calling and texting to China, India, Korea and many other countries and with is no monthly contract or commitment.

Dorm Essentials

Order through College-Concierge on one of our packages to have your towels, sheets, pillows, etc. arrive at your dorm or apartment before you land.

Monthly Essentials

We have partnered with companies to offer you discounts on soap, shampoo, food, candy and other items as the College Concierge member benefits. Whether it is a one-time purchase or a monthly purchase, we can help you obtain your essential items too.

Driver’s License

We offer discounts on local driver education classes, courses and resources. Our partners can help you train, study and pass your driver’s tests.

Auto Services

We have partnered with Farmers, Progressive and also with Bristol West to bring you the best automobile services with the best pricing in the industry. Especially relevant, through our license, we can service our members immediately over the phone or in person so they can drive their new car right away.

Homeowners & Rental Services

We offer a full range of residential, rental and life services for College Concierge members. We offer a FREE evaluation of their current policies or can offer immediate coverage through our partners for your belongings, electronics and clothing.

Extended Warranty

When you buy a new or used car through College-Concierge or from another person, we can offer you immediate mechanical breakdown coverage for up to 100,000 miles with roadside assistance, should anything happen to your car. With our coverage, our members can take their car to ANY repair shop to get the car fixed, as long as you get prior approval. Towing, rental and overnight stay is also covered in many situations.

Rental Car

We have arranged for our member to receive special discounts on rental cars at any airport and over 6,000 locations throughout the United States. Our partners also offer One-Way rentals, they will come to your apartment or dorm to pick you up, and there is never an under-age fee for our members.

NBA & Event Tickets

As a part of College Concierge member benefits, we have partnered with the NBA and other major sporting organizations to bring our members discounts on tickets and merchandise.


Ever need to speak with a translator right away? Call us any time and we can help you with translation, proofreading, and other language services.

Shuttle Service

When you sell your car to College-Concierge, we offer you a FREE shuttle to the airport. We also offer our members discounts on nationwide shuttle service. If you are going out, to the beach or anywhere, College-Concierge can help you get there with a discount.

New/Used Cars

We have over 1,000 partner new and used car dealers throughout the United States. College-Concierge has taken the hassle out of the process by offering our members nationwide discounts and incentives on any car they are looking to buy. Furthermore, our No-Hassle, No-Haggle, and TRANSPARENT process help us pass on the savings to our members. In most cases, our members never have to enter a dealership, we will bring the new car to you!! Moreover, many of our partners offer a 7-day no questions asked refund on the used car you buy (contact College-Concierge for details).

…and  more!

College-Concierge is constantly looking for more benefits and discounts we can obtain for our members. By becoming a member, we will communicate these discounts regularly to you once they become available. We also offer monthly free trials and discounts on rental cars, electronics, etc.

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