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Exclusive Benefits for Loyola Marymount University Students

SIM Cards and Cell Phones

No-contract plans including unlimited calls & texts to China, India, Korea, and more. Starting at $19/month

Discounts on Dorm Essentials

Have your towels, sheets, pillows, and more arrive at your dorm or apartment before you land. Additional discounts on monthly essentials such as soap, shampoo, food, and more.

No-Haggle Car Buying & Selling Services

We negotiate the best deal for you on any car or truck and deliver it straight to your door at an average savings of $3,540. When you leave, we’ll sell the car for you.

Discounted NBA, NFL, and MLB Tickets

Enjoy your stay in the United States with heavily discounted tickets to entertainment and sporting events, including NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball, movies, trips, and more.

Translation Services

Ever need to speak with a translator right away? Call us any time and we can help you with translation, proofreading, and other language services.

and more…

College-Concierge is constantly looking for more benefits and discounts we can obtain for our members. By becoming a member, we will communicate these discounts regularly to you once they become available.

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One of the most common services College-ConciergeTM provides is our proprietary no-hassle, no-haggle and transparent car buying services.

Many dealers take advantage of students during the car buying process. We work with a select network of high quality dealers and guarantee the lowest possible price on the car or truck you want. Our average savings is $3,540 off MSRP. We buy the car for you and deliver it direct to your door. In addition, we offer these valuable services:

  • Discounted Car Insurance
  • Discounted Driver’s Ed & Driver’s License Services
  • Discounted Extended Warranty
  • Discounted 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Discounted Car Rental Rates
  • When you leave, we sell your car for you at top dollar and provide FREE shuttle to the airport



Before you arrive, we will ensure your housing is organized properly, including any necessary insurance. We deliver all the supplies you will need, such as sheets, towels, and pillows, directly to your dorm or apartment. Once your plane lands, we’ll pick you up from the airport and ensure your safe arrival.

If you need a rental car or need to buy a car, we will arrange everything for you and provide substantial discounts on all the related products and services you will need.

We help you to set up bank accounts and cell phone service, as well as applying for a driver’s license if you need one.

Ongoing Assistance

While you are studying in the United States, we help with discounted insurance services, discounts on monthly supplies such as soap, shampoo, food, and other items.

We want you to enjoy your time in the United States, so we can help you plan trips during school holidays, book rental cars, and obtain discounted tickets to movies, shows, NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball games.

If necessary, we can also help with translation services, proofreading, and help with your resume or other related documents.


When you are ready to leave, we handle any housing you may need between when dormitories close and when your flight leaves. We will sell any property, including vehicles, for you prior to your leaving, and provide you top dollar for anything you want to sell.

We help you close out any accounts you may have opened while in the United States and help ship back any luggage that won’t fit in the plane.

Finally, we provide a FREE shuttle back to the airport immediately before your flight.

“I love my new car!! Thank you College-Concierge for saving me $3,000 off of MRSP”

Tom W.

“College-Concierge found me this car and I love it!! I would recommend them to all my friends!!”

Steve W.

“College-Concierge met me at the airport and gave me a ride to my dorm. They also helped me get a new SIM Card so I could call home right away!”

Bob C.

“We bought our car through College-Concierge and it was delivered to our house. What a great service!!”

Sam C.

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