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University Sponsored Membership
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  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact Center
  • Help Build Student Credit without a Social Security
  • Free Car History Report
  • Cell Phones and SIM cards with no annual fee
  • Discounts on Room Appliances
  • Discounted Electronics and Cell Phones
  • Discounts on food
  • Discounted Furniture Rental
  • No-Fee Credit Cards for International Students
  • Credit Cards and Loans without a Social Security
  • Discounts in Obtaining a Drivers license
  • Discounts on Driving School
  • Licensed for Insurance and Car Buying/Selling
  • Discounted Legal and Immigration Help
  • Discounted Movie and Sporting Event Tickets
  • Discounted Auto and Renters Insurance
  • Discounted Tutoring
  • Discounted Personal Protection
  • Help in Selling Personal Supplies
  • University WELCOME Kit
  • Free map and welcome kit

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  • Free Pick Up Service for Car Rentals
  • 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • $300 Cell Phone Insurance with Proof of Ownership
  • Free SIM Cards
  • Free ride from the Airport
  • Free Flu Shot

  • ISICS international Student ID Card