“College-Concierge arranged for my car to be delivered to my dorm the next day.  The provided the best price on the car and insurance.  I was able to drive the car right away!!”  Xiung W. USC

“They sent me a SIM card to my home in China, so I was able to call home for $19 per month when I arrived in US.  My parents were very happy!!”  Lisa X, Pepperdine

“College-Concierge helped me sell my car and gave me a free ride to the airport!!  I would recommend them to all of my friends!!”  Ling H,  Michigan State

“I called College-Concierge and they were able to get me insurance over the phone right away at the best price!”   Steve L,  UCLA

“I signed up for College-Concierge on campus and they have saved me over $2000 so far!!”  Liu H, USC

“I was able to WeChat with College-Concierge through the entire process.  It helps that they speak Mandarin.  They saved me $3500 off of MSRP!!”  Tom H, UCLA

“I worked with College-Concierge through my agency.  They helped me get adjusted to the US right away!  I was able to rent a car and see some of the city!”  Liu M, NYU

“I bought a used car through College-Concierge.  It was easy and they saved me a lot of money!”  Susan H, Berkeley  


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