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Started in 2014 by automotive industry professionals, College-Concierge was designed to serve the more than 300,000 (and growing) population of students leaving China to study in the US every year. Most noteworthy, these students come to the States with little to no experience away from home and even less knowledge of how the American marketplace works. Utilizing an all-encompassing “Landing to Leaving” strategy, College-Concierge helps students navigate the complicated landscape of purchasing necessities, like cell phones, cars and property protection, as well as apartments and other consumer goods…all in a transparent and language-friendly manner. Thus, College-Concierge has become a trusted and convenient student services provider for overseas students; especially for the Chinese.

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Nationwide Discounts

College-Concierge has arranged nationwide discounts for known brands and outlets, giving them much lower prices, based on “group buying.” By helping them spend less time on navigating the “how to’s” of buying and also less money on the things they need, they spend more time on their studies, accomplishing the goals that brought them to the US in the first place.

Professional Management

The College-Concierge Management Team has in excess of 75 years combined experience in the automotive, protection and rental industries, giving students the real benefit of experience-backed buy power. Furthermore, the day-to-day operations are run primarily by current and recent students, providing a peer-to-peer trust level, unmatched in this industry.

To date, College-Concierge has helped students save an average of $3,245 in their first year, while hiring local College students and giving 10% back to their Universities. Besides, we hope to do that for you or your student, as well.

Benefits to Universities

We Get, We Give:

College-Concierge is dedicated to making the college experience an easy transition for our student members. We also want to help make college a reality for students who can’t afford it. Besides, we donate 10% of every sale to that student’s school’s general scholarship fund.

Employment Opportunities:

College-Concierge is primarily student/peer run, so we are always looking for local students to fill our ranks as ambassadors and customer service reps as both full-time employees and part-time interns. Besides, we will select our employees and interns from our affiliated schools first.

Simplifying Life:

A happy student translates to a happy campus experience. So, a happy campus experience is exactly what every university hopes to deliver to its students. Especially relevant, College-Concierge strives to assure its student members have the consumer goods they need with no-hassle purchasing, making a content student.

Who We Are

Board of Directors

Brett Lippel
Brett LippelCEO at College-Concierge
Brett Lippel has over 25 years of startup and automotive experience. Brett opened up operations in Canada and England for Enterprise Rent a Car, starting and growing the business to over $50 million in annual revenues. He was the first Vice President of TrueCar.
Mark Chandler
Mark ChandlerVP Business Development, CULA
Chris Adams
Chris AdamsSenior Vice President Operations ABRA Auto Body & Glass
Tom Ren
Tom RenFounder, Global XLR
Jamey Power
Jamey PowerFormer, Executive at J.D. Power and Associates
Barry Brodsky
Barry BrodskyManaging Partner at eAutoApprraise
Jordan Lippel
Jordan LippelChief Strategy Officer, Edgewoth Security
Samarta Sangupta
Samarta SanguptaPresident California Lutheran Business School
Marki Jones
Marki JonesAssistant Director, Asian Business, Loyola Marymount University



Brett Lippel

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Brett Lippel has over 25 years of startup and automotive experience. Brett opened up operations in Canada and England for Enterprise Rent a Car, starting and growing the business to over $50 million in annual revenues. He was the first Vice President of TrueCar.

Joseph Cohen

IT Advisor
Joseph Cohen has more than 20 years’ experience in system architecture design and management. The former Vice-President of Information Systems and e-Commerce at TrueCar and the Chief Technology Officer at OrderMarket Inc .

Cathy Norton

Vice President of Partner Relations
Cathy graduated form Cal Lutheran University and currently helps teach at the local middle school. Her favorite car is a Cadillac Escilade.

Geoff Infeld

Chief Sales Officer
Geoff's bio coming soon.

Gary Kho

Chief Technology Officer

Tom Hang

VP, Sales

Quang Chu

VP, Vietnam Operations
Quang is a CLU alumnus from Vietnam. He has helped many Vietnamese international students fit in with the American lifestyle and saved lots of money on their vehicle purchases. Quang’s dream car is the Zonda.

Zoe Wu

California Campus Ambassador
Zoe is currently a student at USC. She loves helping other students with items they need at University. Zoe helps students and loves using WeChat!!

Evan Gold

Manager of University Relations
Evan is a graduate of USC and Santa Barbara City College. He is passionate about cars and helping students save $1000s of dollars when buying their next car!!

Grace Liao

California Campus Ambassador
Grace is currently a student at Cal Lutheran University. She has lived in the US for over 10 years and has helped many students get adjusted to life in America.

Paige Korner

Michigan Campus Concierge
Paige is currently enrolled in Michigan State University. Paige has helped many students get adjusted to University when they arrive from China. As a team member of College Concierge, Paige loves helping other students!!

Steve He

Florida Campus Concierge
Steve is currently an MBA student at California Lutheran University. He understands the struggles of the international students arriving to the United States. He is passionate about helping other students.

Ling Yuan

Manager of Sales and Marketing China
Ling is a graduate of UCLA and has started her own business. She has helped many students adjust to life in the United States. Her favorite car is a Lexus IS 250

Brent Kuwashima

Vice President of Operations
Brent brings many years of experience to College-Concierge. He attended Rio Hondo College and his favorite cars is a 991 GT3RS

Chang Wang

Boston Campus Ambassador
Chang is currently a Senior at California Lutheran University. Chang is excited to help her fellow students find a car, obtain a SIM card, get a rental car and even help sell their cars.

Jodi Chang

IT Director
Cindy recently graduated form New York University. She purchased her first car from College Concierge and like the process so much, she applied for a job!!

Rebecca Maloney

Customer Service Manager
Rebecca is a senior at California Lutheran University. She loves helping out other students and promoting College Concierge on WeChat. Her favorite car is a Miata.

Mark Redler

IT Manager
Mark graduated from Washington University. Mark has already helped 20 of his friends save an average of $3499. He loves driving his Miata.

Jack Liu

Director of Sales
Jack graduated from University of Florida with Master of Science degree in Entrepreneurship. He has more than 4 year experiences in retail and hospitality industry for management and business development. Strong leadership would lead our College Concierge team to serve students better. He loves cars and sports.

Tim McDonald

Mid-West Campus Ambassador
Tim graduated from UCLA. He loves helping fellow students save money. His favorite car is a Ferrari.

Fidji Victoriano

West Coast Marketing Manager
Fidji just finished her MBA from CSULB. She is an international student and a chemist from the Philippines. She has more than 3 years experience in a startup environment and she understands what it is like to start over in the US as an international student.